Tavis Smiley Presents (TSP) is an event production company dedicated to bringing thought-provoking discussions, engaging town hall meetings, and exciting consumer exposto communities across the country. Empowerment events such as The Covenant In Action Tour, Road to Health Expo, Building Inroads to Technology: Bridging the Digital Divide, and the State of the Black Union series have reached hundreds of thousands of participants and millions of viewers and listeners via television and radio.

Our Mission within TSP is to create, execute and track engaging lifestyle events and corporate functions with the highest level of expertise, innovation and professionalism. Our expert service and ability to provide value exceeds expectations.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Pride
  • Flexibility
  • Desire
  • Innovation

A partnership with Tavis Smiley Presents offers your company a 360° marketing campaign that reaches a high concentration of general, business, political and community leaders.



Tavis Smiley Presents empowerment events aimed at providing unique outreach and point-of-contact opportunities that add value and distinctive options to your marketing, advertising, and public relations strategies.

As comprehensive, multimedia, and multi-departmental marketing campaigns grow in importance, Tavis Smiley Presents (TSP) works diligently to create distinguishing value-added options to marketers. TSP creates customized marketing opportunities through our website, media outlets, events and partnerships.

Contact: Denise Pines at dpines@denisepines.com.


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