Public Television and Radio reaches upscale consumers, political & community leaders, & business decision-makers in a credible, low-clutter and memorable way. 

The Smiley Group properties offers a 360° integrated and branded approach to marketing plans that reinforces any campaign message using TV, radio, online, mobile, print, and events that are unique only to Tavis Smiley who’s audience mirrors the population of America.

Tavis Smiley’s point of differentiation is that he communicates with the public 365 days a year, not only with the majority of Americans, but also with populations of color—Hispanics and African Americans.

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Tavis Smiley has established a one-of-a-kind connection with his audiences. Through this relationship, Smiley can connect advertisers to desirable consumers effectively and efficiently. Through a vast network of 300 TV affiliates, 700 radio stations, and 400,000 annual event attendees,Tavis offer brands more consumer touch points than any other person on public broadcast.

All of The Smiley Group opportunities offer benefits:

  • Television
    • Tavis Smiley on PBS
    • Tavis Smiley Reports on PBS
  • Radio
    • The Tavis Smiley Show from PRI

Premium Placement Tavis Smiley’s media provides an uncluttered environment consisting of fewer advertising units to enhance visitors' experience-and your marketing message.

Powerful Medium Transparency is the new currency for Americans, and our platform sits under the halo effect of being #1 in public trust held by PBS and NPR.

Affordable & Targeted Delivery Through a combination of dayparts and geographic targeting, Tavis Smiley’s media delivers to your target audience.

TV and Radio Demographics

Male: 51.2%, Female: 47.8%

Median Household Iconome: $77,967

Have College Degree or More: 56.2%

White collar, professional, managers: 56.2%

18-49 Years Old: 49.2%, 25-54 Years Old: 50.8%

Home Ownership
Own Their Home: 65.8%

Source: PBS & PRI


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