The High Quality Speakers Bureau roster is comprised of a laudable lineup of thought leaders who are knowledgeable on a range of subjects. From business and politics to sports and entertainment, HQSB speakers are available to address the topics that matter the most to you and your affiliates. HQSB keynote speakers have been used with proven results by corporations, foundations, associations, public forums, and educational institutions. Each speaker employs their own unique style, presence and perspective in order to convey thought-provoking messages meant to enlighten, entertain, or to catalyze action.

Political Experts

With the arrival of the 2008 Elections, High Quality Speakers Bureau offers a range of political experts. We have compiled a sample list of some of our most popular speakers on politics, policy, and pre-election analysis.

Sports Experts

With the dawn of the 2008 Olympic Games in China, High Quality Speakers Bureau offers a range of sports experts. From current to former Olympic champions and coaches to experts on drug policy, and pre-Olympic analysis.

Health Experts

High Quality Speakers Bureau is proud to represent some of today's most sought-after health care speakers on the circuit today.

Diversity Experts

Meet the leading voices of Diversity from High Quality Speakers Bureau.

Business Leaders

From business leadership and strategic planning to competitive advantage, and from marketing and branding to motivation and sales, High Quality Speakers Bureau has the experts that will make your meeting or event a success.

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