Author, Spiritual Coach, and Television Personality

Rev. Dr. Iyanla (pronounced E¯-Yan-La) Vanzant’s story reads like an epic adventure filled with near misses, struggle, strength, courage and triumph! From her life’s experiences she has uncovered her life’s purpose, discovered the power that lies within and recovered her spiritual self and has emerged as a living testament to God’s Prevailing Peace, Power and Presence.

"What I have learned from all of the difficulties in my own life is that human beings have very thick skin. I call that skin, spirit, our Highest Most Powerful self. Spirit is the key to everything we desire. It is our weather-proofing, our Teflon, our line of credit that assures if we just keep putting one foot in front of the other, one day; there will be a miraculous payoff."

In 1990 with seemingly little notice, her path to working with man’s law transformed and suddenly made way to a divine appointment with Spiritual Law. This union gave birth to her work of service to the Universe and manifested in the form of workshops, lectures, television appearance, and best-selling books wherein Iyanla shared Spiritual Law and Principles.

"My greatest desire is for people to know who they are from the inside out and to use that knowledge to create the life they desire and deserve. I believe my purpose in life is to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness, how we think, through the understanding of spiritual principles. As we learn to align our being and thinking with the principles of Spirit, we become a divine expression and experience of all that life is meant to be.”

With a clear mission Iyanla and her beloved daughter, Gemmia, founded Inner Visions. First offering small classes focused on transforming difficult experiences into empowering lessons of victory, Inner Visions has blossomed into a multi-faceted training program that offers certification in Mastery of Life Skills, Life Coaching and Ministerial Ordination.

Iyanla has received numerous awards and accolades for the power and impact of her work. She is hailed as one of Halle Berry's five "Sheros" (Glamour Magazine 2006); one of the country's most influential African Americans (Ebony Magazine 2004); among the country's most 100 Influential Women (Women's Day Magazine 2003); one of the "most dynamic speakers in the United States" (Emerge Magazine 2000). She is a woman of passion, clear vision and purpose.

Rev. Dr. Vanzant travels globally and appears on the NBC Daytime Drama, Starting Over (2004-2006) passionately delivering her special brand of self-empowerment and inspiration to others. As Founder and Director of Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Development, Iyanla shares her knowledge of Universal Principle and Law, Eastern and Western spiritual/religious traditions/teachings, and the truth of Unconditional Love to motivate others to create a better life, a better community and a better world!

Lecture Topics

  • Empowerment and Motivation
  • Life Counseling
  • Personal Breakthroughs
  • Spirituality
  • Navigating Corporate Downsizing


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