Here’s how HQSB provides high quality service…

1. Plan for Success
Is your organization unsure of or undecided about which talent is the best fit for your event?  Take the confusion out of the planning process by allowing HQSB to help you identify the perfect speaker.  Our Account Managers are adept at matching your event with the right speaker for the right price so that both your audience and sponsors are satisfied with the overall experience.

2. Establish Contact
HQSB’s network and reputation for integrity places our organization in good company. We have access to the world’s most respected public speakers and the most sought after clientele.  If they are not already an exclusive HQSB speaker, then we have the experience, the tools and the expansive rolodex necessary to make the connection.

3. Confirm Availability
No one likes going back and forth with assistants and gatekeepers.  With instant access to many of our speakers' calendars, HQSB can quickly help you determine the availability of your choice speaker without the time-consuming phone tag.

4. Negotiate Fees & Terms
Often times, discussing fees and obligations with your invited guest can hamper negotiations and taint the relationship.  Let us take the load off your shoulders and handle this process for you.  We give our clients the same respect and consideration as our speakers.

5. Execute Contracts
No need to spend hours combing through cumbersome contract details…we do it for you!  Upon receiving your firm offer and clarifying the terms of the agreement, HQSB’s Contracts Department will draft the legal documents and facilitate their full execution.

6. Manage Event Itineraries
Planes, trains, and automobiles! If you have ever traveled or booked travel, then you know that mapping out the itinerary and searching for the best prices is a time-hungry process. In addition to having key relationships with the leading airlines, hotels, and car services, our trusted travel agent is familiar with our speakers’ needs and preferences.  This means that HQSB can provide you with the best quotes and logistical options in a timely fashion, helping you save money and stay under budget.

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