"The People's Fat Loss Coach"


Robert Ferguson, MS, CN is a nationally recognized voice of weight loss through healthy living, a motivational speaker, and physical conditioning and nutrition specialist who’s been recognized as The People’s Fat Loss Coach. A doctoral candidate in sports psychology, he holds certifications in personal training and performance nutrition. In addition to his work with thousands of individuals from all walks of life, he has been the top fat loss, nutritionist and conditioning coach for professional boxers on Showtime, HBO, ESPN, and “The Contender.” He has been featured on radio, in magazines such as First for Women, Ebony, Star, Esquire, and Women’s World, and on TV programs including Access Hollywood, The 700 Club, The Mo’Nique Show, CNN Headline News, Good Morning America, FOX Network, and BBC Worldwide. He is the author of the new book Diet-Free for Life, which was nominated for a NAACP Image Award (2011) and also the creator of the 6 Day Detox Drop, The Motivation for Life 41 Day Audio Program and he is co-developer and face of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System®, a home weight loss program that has been sold via infomercial.

THE PERSONALITY:Robert is exceptional on television and radio. He co-wrote and created the movie documentary OBESITY ON TRIAL and is in negotiations with Networks for a television show with the same title. Not like any other documentary or television show that addresses the evolving epidemic surround weight issues, Robert’s methodology gives a revolutionary view and understanding of both food and how the cause of obesity can easily and quickly be reversed. Directed by Leslie Small, both the documentary and television show will be Epic!

THE SPEAKER:He continues to be a popular lecturer for major corporations, organizations and universities including AETNA, Speaking of Women’s Health, Salem Communications, Universal Studios, Clipper Windpower, NAACP, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and such colleges as The University of Texas Medical Branch. In 2010, at the request of the Mississippi State Board of Education, Robert presented a keynote lecture at the annual teacher’s conference. This event set the stage for Robert’s campaign to reverse the cause of obesity by showing people how to eat the foods they love and reduce their waistline instead of adding to it.

Though Robert’s personal ambition is to help abolish obesity and encourage better health,his talks range from sales to marketing to branding. He is MOTIVATION and offers an innovative and dynamic approach to morale boosting and leadership development for corporations, management, executives and employees of all levels of performance.

Robert has served as national spokesperson and consultant to the world’s largest co-ed health club -- Gold’s Gym Corporate (over 600 locations in 40 states and 30 countries) and as a national advisor and program developer to some of the most innovative wellness centers in the country including the California Health and Longevity Institute, the brainchild of health advocate, billionaire and Dole Food Company CEO David Murdoch, which offers innovative wellness solutions to Hollywood stars and the well-heeled executives.

Robert is a consultant to elite spas, church ministries, parent organizations, wellness companies, and Gold’s Gym, the world’s largest co-ed health club as well as being interviewed by actress, author and talk show host Ricki Lake as a leading nutritionist and parent coach for her book Too Small To Be Big, which is dedicated to ending childhood obesity. He is the founder and CEO of Diet Free Life, LLC and the DIET-FREE FOR LIFE CHALLENGE, a two-phase curriculum and program where you learn to lose all the weight you want and also exchange unwanted habits for those you want.

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