Identity is the distinguishing character of an individual. It is how we set ourselves apart from others. In a world where many are influenced by multiple messages from various sources, we are challenging the authenticity of such information less and less thus blurring the concept of individuality.
At an early age, Kevin Brown was fascinated with being an individual that stood out from the crowd. Growing up in the notorious California foster care system for over seventeen years automatically placed Kevin in a category in which he was not willing to remain. Challenging the status quo and society’s point of view, Kevin made the decision to take control of his life in order to create a positive future that he could be proud of.
Today Kevin is the president of Legacy Thinking labs (a premier speaking firm) and author of “10 Ways Anyone Can Graduate From College DEBT-FREE: A Guide to Post College FREEDOM” he has spoken to audiences of students, educators, parents and child welfare professionals on how to assist teens and young adults in self-efficacy and maximizing their potential. Kevin has also spoken to thousands of students and professionals live.
“I have learned that no matter the challenge or what people tell you, you can or can’t do, life is what you
make it. Simply put, I am the Brand I say I am.”
Kevin lives in New York, is an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and loves to Salsa Dance. Kevin holds two Bachelor’s degrees from Clark Atlanta University (magna
cum laude) with focuses in Fashion Design/Merchandising and Business Administration (free of college debt – a promise he made to himself as a freshman). Kevin has served as an advisor on Congressional bills for changes in the national foster care system and has been commended on his effort to overcome life’s challenges in the United States House of Representatives by the iconic civil rights leader and Congressman John Lewis.

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