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SPEA Paper On Behalf Of TV Host Smiley Leads To Panel Talk

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Photo: Shameka Neely/WTIU News Tavis Smiley is a SPEA alum and will highlight the paper’s findings with a nationally televised discussion.

A report commissioned by Indiana University alumnus Tavis Smiley and authored by IU’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs focuses on the growing number of American’s living in poverty.

The report focuses on how the recession has affected the size, composition, and rate of growth of America’s poor.  It also addresses safety-net programs and policies which could potentially lower the impact of the recession on the poor. Report co-author and SPEA professor Kristen Seefeldt, says even though the recession has subsided, almost one of every seven Americans is considered poor.

“Poverty has continued to go up,” Seefeldt says. “We now have a record number of just over 46 million Americans who are classified as poor.  A little over 15 percent of the U.S. population.  And, this figure is expected to increase even after we really enter into a real recovery.” (more…)

The Huffington Post: Remaking America: From Poverty to Prosperity

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Remaking America: From Poverty to Prosperity

Award winning talk-show host Tavis Smiley and Princeton professor Cornel West remain committed to placing poverty at the forefront of the 2012 political discourse.

As a follow up to their highly successful poverty tour this past summer, Smiley and West will host a nationally televised conversation at George Washington University Thursday evening, “Remaking America: From Poverty to Prosperity.”

For West, the significance of the conversation raises additional questions. “Which direction the country is to go, what type of nation do we choose to be, and what kind of people do we choose to be,” he asked philosophically.

And those questions “have everything to do with how we treat the weak and vulnerable in society,” he said. (more…)

Inside Story US 2012: Is the American dream fading?

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With more people living on the breadline in the United states, we ask how can prosperity be restored for the Americans. Inside Story US2012 discusses with guests: Tavis Smiley, Barbara Ehrenreich and Cornel West.

America’s poor at risk during recovery from Great Recession

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Broadcaster Tavis Smiley and his All-Star Panel to Discuss at Remaking America, January 12, 2012

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (January 11, 2012) — A large and growing number of Americans are poor, or at risk of becoming poor, as a result of the Great Recession of 2007-09, and many will continue to struggle during the recovery, according to a White Paper released today by broadcaster Tavis Smiley and the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Titled “At Risk: America’s Poor During and After the Great Recession,” the White Paper was prepared at Smiley’s request as a factual foundation for the national Poverty Tour conducted last summer by Smiley and Princeton University professor Cornel West.

The White Paper reveals that the number of Americans living in poverty increased sharply during the economic downturn. The Great Recession produced not only high unemployment rates, but also record numbers of long-term unemployment, making it likely that these ranks of the “new poor” and “near poor” will continue to grow. (more…)

The Root DC

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Tavis Smiley, Cornel West and Michael Moore discuss poverty and remaking America at George Washington University

By Fahima Haque

Princeton University professor Cornel West. (Amanda Lucier – AP) After traveling to 18 cities in nine states for the ‘The Poverty Tour‘ in August 2011, media personality Tavis Smiley and Princeton University professor Cornel West will speak at the “Remaking America: From Poverty to Prosperity”discussion at George Washington University on Thursday.

Smiley will moderate the nationally televised event and West is a panelist along with financial advisor Suze Orman, filmmaker Michael Moore, activist Majora Carter, author Barbara Ehrenreich and others. The speakers will discuss solutions to nation’s poverty crisis.

The event will be live broadcasted on C-SPAN and then rebroadcasted for three nights on Tavis Smiley on PBS from Jan. 16 to Jan. 18.
Media personality Tavis Smiley (The Washington Post).

The original ‘Poverty Tour’ gained a lot of media and public attention, in part because of the criticism leveled at President Obama and his policies in regards to black America.

Read more on The Root DC

Tavis and Cornel’s Solution to Poverty

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They told The Root that Americans must join them in putting President Obama’s feet to the fire.

Last summer PBS talk-show host Tavis Smiley and author Cornel West embarked on an 18-city poverty tour to highlight the hardship of poor people. Despite a record number of Americans — one in two — either living below the poverty line or classified as low-income, they felt that poor people had been rendered invisible by both the government and society at large. Now, by convening a panel of experts and advocates, they’re taking another step in their mission to elevate poverty on the national agenda.

Smiley will lead “Remaking America: From Poverty to Prosperity,” a nationally televised discussion, on Thursday, Jan. 12, at George Washington University. Participants — including West, personal-finance expert Suze Orman, filmmaker Michael Moore, poverty expert Jeffrey Sachs and urban-revitalization strategist Majora Carter, among others –will pose their solutions for eradicating poverty. The conversation will be broadcast live on C-SPAN and rebroadcast over three nights beginning Jan. 16 on PBS’ Tavis Smiley. (more…)

WPFW’s Gloria Minott

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Check out Tavis’ conversation with WPFW’s Gloria Minott during “Metro Watch”.

PBS’s Tavis Smiley Takes on Poverty in America with GW Panel Discussion

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By: Katy Adams and Nikki Schwab | 01/08/12 8:05 PM
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During some of the worst economic times since the Great Depression, PBS weeknight talk show host Tavis Smiley is hoping to make the issue of poverty in America a priority. “I am going to beat the drum as loud as I can,” Smiley tells Yeas & Nays. The vocal veteran broadcaster, who will lead a panel discussion about poverty in America on Thursday evening at George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium, tells Yeas & Nays that he tasked himself some time ago with making sure that we would not go through another presidential campaign like the last, where the issue of poverty did not get discussed. “During the Obama-McCain campaign or race for the White House, in three presidential debates, in those final pre-presidential debates, the word poor and the word poverty did not come up one time and I was disturbed by that then. I said it four years ago and committed myself to do my small part to address the issue.” (more…)

National Press Club to Host “NEWSMAKER” Media Briefing with Suze Orman and Tavis Smiley

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WASHINGTON, Jan. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — “Taking power back from banks for consumers, and the fight against poverty”

The following is being released by the National Press Club:

Date: Thursday, Jan. 12
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: Murrow Room, National Press Club, 529 14th St. NW, Washington, DC
Suze Orman, widely perceived as America’s leading authority on personal finance, will speak about her “People First” movement on behalf of consumers to fight banks and their fees. Those fees hit the poorest Americans hardest, and Tavis Smiley, the PBS broadcaster, will highlight his efforts to restore the nation’s prosperity as more and more Americans slip into poverty and unemployment.

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