Due to the overwhelming number of submissions we receive, we’ve found that it isn’t possible to enter into e-mail correspondence or lengthy telephone calls regarding proposals and the publishing process. Please read the information below for how the submission process works.

Are you currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts?
We accept submissions THROUGH AN AGENT ONLY. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you send an unsolicited manuscript, it will not be opened or returned to you.

What if I don’t have an agent?
The best thing to do is consult the Literary Marketplace at www.literarymarketplace.com. One of the premier industry reference guides for writers, the Literary Marketplace has made a weekly subscription service available. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND AGENTS TO PROSPECTIVE AUTHORS.

Suggestions for Writers
Most writers, regardless of the genre they’ve concentrated on, will want to share their work with the public by having it published as a book. However, before you embark on this journey DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Find out about the various ways of getting your book published, the roles of publishers and literary agents, and explore the options of self-publishing and acquiring a distributor. The Internet is great for this, as is the Writer’s Market and other books of this nature, which you can find in any bookstore or library.

Establish who your ideal reader is and what the market is like for your book. Are there already other books similar to yours available? The more research you undertake into the market, in addition to the processes involved in selecting and publishing a manuscript, the better chance you have.

For Agents Only

I’m an agent interested in submitting a proposal to SmileyBooks. How should I do this?
We prefer hard copies or e-mailed submissions. Submit your proposals to:

SmileyBooks Submissions
250 Park Avenue South, Suite 201
New York, New York 10003

E-mail: SmileyBooks@hayhouse.com.

WE DO NOT RETURN MANUSCRIPTS UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY RETURN ENVELOPE WITH POSTAGE. However, we will e-mail you a response to your submission.

What types of books are you in the market for?
SmileyBooks specializes in quality nonfiction, including politics, advocacy, education, self-help, memoir, autobiography, inspiration, psychology, health, and business.

We are interested in quality nonfiction subjects as long as they have a positive and empowering slant. No poetry, quotation books, children’s books, or negative concepts that aren’t conducive to helping/healing ourselves or our planet.

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