“I’ve often said that of all the virtues courage is the most vital. Without courage we can do little.” —Maya Angelou in Tavis Smiley’s My Journey with Maya

“But isn’t the converse true? Isn’t it love that activates our courage? Isn’t love the prime mover?” —Tavis Smiley, My Journey with Maya

Hello Friend!

What is the greatest virtue: love or courage?

Dr. Maya Angelou and I debated that question throughout our friendship. Our ongoing debate surrounding love versus courage is at the heart of my upcoming book, MY JOURNEY WITH MAYA.

For 28 years Maya tried to convince me that the answer was courage, but I wouldn't budge off of love. We tried mightily to persuade each other—to no avail. Our debate about love vs. courage prompted hours of lively exchange, laughter, thrilling arguments, and thoughtful reflection.

I’m curious to know where you stand on the love vs. courage debate. To that end, we’re starting a  #LoveVSCourage conversation in advance of the April 7th publication of MY JOURNEY WITH MAYA. We’ll share stories about the ways that Maya and I discussed love vs. courage, book group promotions, giveaways, announcements, and more!

There’s nothing I love more than a healthy debate and I cherished the hours I spent discussing this enthralling topic with my dear friend Maya. So please join in the discussion and ask yourselves—which virtue is greatest: love or courage?

With love,


P.S. We’ll be sharing stories, debating, and giving away books on my Facebook and Twitter using #LoveVSCourage—join the conversation!

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